Written Testimonials

“I’ve come to know Jeffery Leving as a great crusader for fathers’ rights. He is a well-respected, well-known across the country. Like myself, he is a champion – a champion for fathers’ rights.”
Otis Wilson (Former Chicago Bear)

People have come to know Jeffery Leving as a tireless crusader for fathers’ rights. I’ve come to know Jeffery as a kind, compassionate, and caring person as well as a friend. Through his many books and lectures, he has helped educate fathers locally and nationally. When you think of fathers’ rights, you think of Jeffery Leving.
– Gordon Bell (Former New York Giant)

My name is Timothy Nicolas Walsh. I served in the 1st/Batallion of the 503rd Infantry (Air Assault) from January/2003 to December 2005, in Korea and then Iraq. I am now a father of two awesome little boys and husband to an incredible woman. I have been through….

This is the man that saved my children…simple book that explains the law.
Tony T

I wanted to thank you and especially, attorney Russell Kaufman, from your firm, for helping me with my child support case and winning against all odds.  The State’s Attorney’s Office brought me to court and prosecuted me like a criminal saying that I was over $92,000.00 behind….

I had just about lost all hope that our legal system was fair and impartial. I had discussed my situation with a few other law firms an they did not lead me to believe I had much of a chance in proving I was not a “dead beat” dad, who didn’t care about his children….

From Mr. Pomper’s first appearance, we began winning hearings, gradually increasing my time with my children and increasing unsupervised time.  The flood of money pouring out of my pocket stopped and reversed….

Even under some of the most extreme stressful situations, Mr. Hagler maintained composure. I was so pleased that he stayed with me to the end when I got full custody of my daughter. And now, it’s even more comforting to know that my daughter is excelling so well, both academically and socially.”
Charles Welch

Thank you so much for all of your work on behalf of me and my children. You did an awesome job.
Mike O’Neill

“I want to personally thank Attorney Tim O’Grady for your assistance in my case which ended in August 2006. And, I hope that you understand the impact that you are having on fathers’ lives and their children.”
– Guy Williams

My case was an almost desperate feeling of helplessness. It seemed like there was so much gender bias against me. But then I visited the Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving and met Attorney Jim Hagler. I soon became comfortable when I encountered such professionalism and experience…….

I want to thank you for your services and for providing me with a good lawyer. I want to also thank your whole staff – they have been nice, helpful, and very professional.

My daughter is great and I am so happy that I get to be in her life. I want to thank you for that!! Thank you.

A couple of years ago I was not allowed to take my daughter anywhere. Many things have changed and now I can be the father that my daughter deserves. I feel complete knowing my daughter is in my life. I appreciate everything you have done for me and thank you for your services. We both thank you!

Thank you to Attorney Joseph Sparacino and to all at The Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving, LTD., for working to help me and my son, Emiliano.

I was cleaning out an old file cabinet and found your old brochure that your office mailed out to me – I’m sending it to you, I thought you may enjoy having it. I am the forklift mechanic you helped back in the mid-80’s with the ex-wife that was the drug cop and police officer. Well I wanted to say hello after 25 years. You did a great job for me back then. I have told many men to contact you over the years.
– I wish you great health.
– Thanks
– Harry