Testimonial Letter – TW



My name is Timothy Nicolas Walsh.  I served in the 1st/Batallion of the 503rd Infantry (Air Assault) from January/2003 to December 2005, in Korea and then Iraq.  I am now a father of two awesome little boys and husband to an incredible woman.  I have been through the transition from civilian to service member to combat veteran.  I have gained best life long friends and have witnessed up close with all six senses some of their deaths.  I have the horrible dreams and the cold sweats.  Yet, I still believe truly that the thought of having to answer to other people about my son is very taxing on the soul and mind/heart.  I could not have re-acquired my son without Andrey Filipowicz, one of the members of Jeffery M. Leving’s team of experienced custody lawyers.

I am writing a blanket statement to you with intentions to inform you of a special group of people. They are very military/veteran friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and the best part about them is the fact that they are a team of nineteen to twenty Family Law Attorneys. You have to be extremely careful with the lawyer you choose to represent you. The first gentlemen whom I replaced with this law firm was actually a Real Estate Lawyer posing as a Family Law Attorney. I have to fire him and go for the real deal as soon as I found out.

I searched the Internet, the papers, the yellow pages, and all I kept seeing was the Fathers’ Rights motto.  I thought to my self “these guys only cater to the wealthy”.  Out of desperation, and lack of good impression I clicked on their motto.  I kept telling them on the phone and in person that I was not a wealthy man.  Any one who is not a fool that the fees for an attorney in and field will tend to rack up.  One of the first and lasting impressions of trust that I have for them was the fact that they didn’t treat me like a fool and tell me otherwise.

Andrey Bohdan Filipowicz was the attorney that The Law Offices of Jeffery Leving gave to me.  I can call him Andrey because of the very rare friendship that can develop between an attorney and the client.  He calls me Tim by the way.  When I first me Andrey, he almost towered over me, and I thought to myself that he looked more like a body guard than a lawyer.  I soon found out that there was a powerful mind behind that serious face of his.  He told me who he was, what exactly he did, and how much the firm charged for his services.

I appreciated his honesty and thought about my son’s future for a day or two.  “I am a construction worker”, I thought to myself.  During that time I made around $2,000 – $2,400 per month and that’s during a semi decent work season!  How was I going to pay for this?  Am I crazy?  I thought about all eighteen years my dad fought and fought to get more visitations.  How I was constantly turned into a weapon against either of my parents.  I thought finally about the only thing missing from my dad’s team of just him against my mom, and a whole court system biased on the side of only the mother at every case I have heard of.  I considered the possibility he lost every time with not an inch of gain that whole time.  What was missing from my dad’s team was a lawyer.

I figured that it was possible I could spend a great deal of money on an attorney and not get what I want, and what my son deserved.  I also knew that if I went in with a knowledgeable professional, that I wouldn’t leave the fight empty handed like my dad with only a two week vacation with me to speak of.  I was reborn in the Infantry of the U.S, Army to fight through over whelming odds, not run around them or just give up.  I am not going to be a statistic and wind up a week-end parent, paying God knows how much child support so that the “winning parent” can spend my hard earned money on God knows what other than spending it on my son.  Even if the money was put in the right place, I thought “she would always say that the end product came from her.”

I came to the conclusion with a sense of urgency that I will fight like my dad did for 2, 6, 18 years or the rest of my life because he (my son) happens to be my beautiful child too.  I wanted the same chance to mold my son into a fine young man as my good father does.  I am going to do this the right way and have the best by my side to the end.  I will bepart of my CHILD’S LIFE.  I WILL have a say so in my child’s up bringing.

On the custody questionnaire that the law firm gave me, I (with some/small doubt in my mind) asked for sole/full custody, and the battle started out with more ugliness than I had imagined.  Contrary to what I thought would happen, they (the opposition in its entirety) butchered my good name in being a combat veteran in that the fact I have P.T. S.D., memory loss and  bi-polar disorder (among more problems) was used over and over again to disqualify me as a parent.  Evaluation after evaluation I went through (about three) and to my delight, I passed.  Over time, as the bill grew, Andrey pointed out to me the fact that ‘we only appear once a month, some of the office work I do gets put on the bill, but this case is not like the six year cases in the past.  Yours may wind up being around two and a half years.  As far as the cost, you aren’t paying twenty  percent of two thousand dollars per month for 18 years.  ($108,000)  (more if he goes to college and private school.)  You are paying a small fraction of this for a lot less time.  We are doing very well.  You are doing very well; we will fight to try to get what you put on your custody questionnaire.

And you know what?  Andrey was right.  The firm put me on a deal with the bill at a monthly rate, and the case started when my son was three months old.  My case ends on February 9, 2008, which is the final status date on the case.  My son is now two and a half years old, and I’ll give you three guesses who won sole/full custody…. You got it, ME! After it became clear that there was no settling the case Andrey tried the case, and won me custody.  The status date is so the Judge can see how everyone has adjusted, and to see if the child’s mother could have some more visitation.

Through out the two year custody battle, Andrey up-dated me on everything affecting the case, good and almost never bad.  When there was a rare occasion that a perversion of the law came up and Andrey was undecided as to what action to take, he referred to one or two of his twenty team members for the right avenue of approach.  He never blindly went into an argument. Sometimes, depending on the time of day he treated me to lunch to discuss the game plan.  Andrey had four paralegals working for him to tackle the research and the mundane tasks so that he was always able to focus on the case.  My case, he was never too busy to talk to me either in person, or on the phone.  He is personally immersed in my court case, and proves again and again that he cares a great deal about what he is doing for me.  Andrey himself was a service member in our U.S. Navy and proud to help any of his kind, male or female.  But, he is just one of the many exceptions to the reputation of his profession as are all of his colleagues at this company of super lawyers. To all of you – the people of this country who always look out for #2 and #1, who stand up and fight so that others can feel and be safe, the Lawyers of Jeffrey M. Leving, are ready willing to do the same favor for you.

We have been protested against.  We have been discriminated against and taken for granted and lately, the prey of choice for our ex-spouses in divorce, and family court, yet we fought, or will fight to preserve the very right that sometimes becomes our social undoing.  These fine people, most of them parents themselves will take very good care of us.

Sincerely yours,

(BlackSheep /3A)