NEWS: 07/07/11

Stay Denied in North Carolina Court of Appeals Cancer Victim's Children to be Transferred to Dad in Illinois

CHICAGO, July 7, 2011 — A Chicago area husband and father won a pivotal
victory in a custody battle with his estranged wife who has been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.  The case has garnered national media attention due to the mother’s claims that her diagnosis of stage four breast cancer was the sole reason of her loss of custody. Chicagobased Father’s Rights Attorney, Jeffery M. Leving (, has been retained as the father’s spokesman for this unprecedented legal controversy.

Kane Snyder of the Chicago area, and his wife Alaina Giordano ofNorth Carolina, are each currently fighting for custody of their two children, ages eleven and five, who currently reside in North Carolinawith Giordano.  A controversial ruling in April stated that Snyder, the sole financial provider, should receive residential custody of the children.

“This has never been a case about cancer. We all feel for the mother in this troubling time, but facts are facts and we need to focus on the best interest of the children,” commented Attorney Jeffery M. Leving in a recent interview.

On June 27, 2011, a temporary stay was lifted by the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the initial ruling reinstated. The Court of Appeals decided to maintain the trial court order granting primary custody to Snyder, while the appellate process continues on.

The Trial Court Judge, Nancy E. Gordon, found that the mother had “not made efforts to keep the children actively involved” with the father, and was the “least likely” parent “to encourage frequent and appropriate contact between the children and their father.”

This case is being closely watched nationwide by many groups that represent persons with debilitating illnesses and afflictions as to how courts will deal with these issues in custody cases even though this is a non-issue in the case.

“I can truly say that Mr. Snyder is a man of principle and a devoted father. He has made every effort to keep his children out of the daunting light of the media and continues to support his wife through her treatment. That’s what true fatherhood is all about,” finished Leving.

The children will move to the Chicago area and reside with their father.