NEWS 2010

10/29/10 Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn on The Jeffery Leving Legal Radio Show


07/18/10 Illinois State Rep. Paul Froehlich (D- Schaumburg) joins Jeffery M.  Leving at his Law Firm’s annual picnic at Indian Lakes Resort


07/18/10 Judge Dorothy French and her husband, Attorney Richard F. Mallen, attend Jeffery Leving’s Law Firm’s annual picnic at Indian Lakes Resort


07/08/10 Chicago Attorney Jeffery Leving Presents Vice President Biden 2010 Fatherhood Award


06/16/10 On the 1st day of a trial, Andrey Filipowicz got an abusive mother to admit that she hit the client’s child on multiple occasions. During his questioning, the mother also admitted that she is severely mentally ill and unable to take care of herself, let alone the child. At the close of the mother’s testimony, the Judge granted the client custody due to Filipowicz’s sharp cross-examinations.


06/15/10 U.S. Senator Roland Burris to Appear on a Special Father’s Day Edition of Chicago Attorney Jeffery Leving’s “Father’s Rights Legal Show” on June 20th


06/10/10 Attorney Arthur Kallow was recognized at the Chicago Bar Association on June 9th with an award for his valuable contribution to the Domestic Relations Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County.


06/06/10 Jeffery Leving, Chicago attorney and Chairman of the Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood, joined Congressman Danny K. Davis, U.S. Senator Roland Burris, Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lightford and Illinois State Representative LaShawn Ford on a forum panel at the 2010 Fathers Who Care: Expo for Today’s Man Saturday, June 5, 2010 at Malcolm X College. In the morning, Mr. Leving was part of a forum of panelists, lead by Congressman Davis, where he discussed parenting rights and responsibilities. Afterwards, Mr. Leving moderated the Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood’s Annual Symposium.


05/26/10 Medal of Honor Recipient to Appear on Special Memorial Day Edition of Jeffery M. Leving’s Fathers’ Rights Legal Show


05/21/10 Jeffery Leving’s Interviewed about Father Figures with Kim Kelley on My Crew Magazine Blog Talk Radio


05/19/10 Jeffery Leving, Victor Sarmiento & Jenet Pequeño are interviewed by Erika Maldonado of Univision Chicago about Mr. Sarmiento’s court case. Mr. Sarmiento’s wife forbids their child to be baptized in the Catholic Church. Sarmiento is relying on Mr. Leving & Mr. Pequeño to safeguard his constitutional rights and religious freedoms as a father to baptize his child.


05/16/10 Attorney Arthur Kallow will be recognized with an award for his valuable contribution to the Domestic Relations Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County at the Chicago Bar Association on June 9th.


05/07/10 U.S. Fatherhood Educational Institute (FEI) Praises Ruling by Czech Constitutional Court Promising to Make It Easier for Fathers to Gain Custody


04/20/10 Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery Leving & Rev. Walter Jones Build Bridges and Stronger Communities at Responsible Fatherhood Forum


03/27/10 Chicago Attorney, Jeffery Leving, to Speak at 2010 Fathers Who Care: Expo for Today’s Man on Saturday, June 5th

03/25/10 Congressman Danny K. Davis: Meets with President Obama on Historic Healthcare Bill; Joins Attorney Jeffery M. Leving on Soul 106.3 FM to Talk About It


03/23/10 Nationally Renowned Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery Leving Champions Equal Parenting in Controversial Tennessee House Bill


03/12/10 Respected Fathers’ Rights Advocate Jeffery M. Leving & Seasoned Attorney Maureen Gorman Up Close & Personal


03/03/10 Morris Dees Successful In Battling Ku Klux Klan Meets With Jeffery Leving Successful In Fighting For Fathers’ Rights


03/01/10 Empowerment Forum Featuring Esteemed Attorney Jeffery M. Leving


01/21/10 Mom Wins Child Back from Babysitter