Leading Matrimonial Attorney Jeffery Leving Gears Up for New Season of “Chicago Counterpoint” TV

CHICAGO – Jun 21, 2012 — Revisit the new season of “Chicago Counterpoint,”kicking off this summer on CAN TV with host Matrimonial Attorney Jeffery M. Leving (http://dadsrights.com).

Chicago Counterpoint will premiere this season on Tuesday, July 3 at 8PM CST on CAN TV digital and cable channel 21. Viewers are encouraged to call in with specific legal questions or stream live during the show.

Reaching over 1 million households last season, CAN TV’s Chicago Counterpoint, returns with a whole new dose of litigation survival strategies. The emotionally-charged show gives viewers an unprecedented look at the legal system and the people behind the scenes. Guests this season will include high-profile litigators that will discuss their experiences in and out court and offer critical insight to help avoid legal pitfalls in the judicial system.

“I passionately host ‘Chicago Counterpoint’ because education is essential. It isn’t what we know that will hurt us; it is what we don’t know. There’s always much to learn in life,” said Leving.

About the Host:
Jeffery M. Leving was named one of “America’s Best Lawyers” by Forbes Radio. He authored three groundbreaking books: How to Be a Good Divorced Dad, Fathers’ Rights and Divorce Wars.

Leving was recently honored in Resolution No. 995 by the Illinois House of Representatives for his “forward-thinking initiatives in the field of law and father’s rights.” The House of Representatives resolved that Leving “serves as a model of hard work, integrity, and dedication for the people of the State of Illinois.”