Famed Chicago Divorce Lawyer Jeffery Leving Analyzes Unionizing College Football

Leading Chicago Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery Leving(http://dadsrights.com) will join host Mike North this Sunday, February 2nd at 8:30 AM CST on Fox Sports Radio – XM 247   (NATIONAL) to discuss the recent announcement that college athletes are seeking to unionize. Leving’s analysis will also be broadcast on iHeart radio.

Ramogi Huma, President of the National College Players Association filed a petition on Tuesday, on behalf of Northwestern University football players seeking to form a union.  Lead by former NU Quarterback Kain Colter, the push to become a union is based on grievances against the NCAA and allegations that it wields too much power over the players.

According to ESPN.com, college athletics take in billions of dollars in revenue each year.  In the 2012-13 school year, college football programs reportedly had a combined profit of $1.3 billion.  Men’s basketball produced another $334.9 million in profits.  Players allege that too high of a percentage of the profits goes to coaches’ salaries and stadium luxury seats, and not enough is done by the NCAA to protect the interests of players.

According to Colter, “The action we’re taking isn’t because of any mistreatment by Northwestern. We love Northwestern…We’re interested in trying to help all players — at USC, Stanford, Oklahoma State, everywhere. It’s about protecting them and future generations to come.”  Colter cites safety issues such as the protection of players who suffer concussions and future medical care for players who suffer injuries as the athletes’ main concerns.

Leving, who represents and counsels professional athletes notes, “This movement raises several critical issues. College athletes are often required to put in long hours and dedication to play for the NCAA, and many suffer lifelong injuries.  It is important that players be heard when it comes their future well-being.”

About Jeffery Leving:

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