Chicago Matrimonial Attorney Jeffery Leving Praises Michigan Governor for Signing Law Increasing Fathers’ Legal Rights

CHICAGO, IL—June 14, 2012—Chicago Matrimonial Attorney Jeffery Leving ( announced his support for a new Michigan law that expands legal rights for biological fathers.

This week, Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation into law giving biological fathers the right to parent their children, even if the mothers were married to other men at the time of birth.

“Governor Snyder is to be commended for recognizing the moral right of biological fathers to be parents to their own children,” said Attorney Leving.

The new law makes it easier for biological fathers to challenge Michigan’s legal rebuttable presumption that a mother’s husband at the time of a child’s birth is the child’s father.

“Biological fathers will now have the right to file suit and seek a court order determining who the actual father is,” said Attorney Leving. “Even more importantly, they will be able to secure a court-ordered DNA test validating their biological relationship to the child.”

The law also modifies the Estates and Protected Individuals Code and allows for children to inherit the estate of their biological fathers.

The legislation will weaken the rebuttable presumption under a 1956 Michigan law that a woman’s husband at the time she gives birth is the father of the newly born child. The presumption not only places the responsibilities and obligations of fatherhood on men who are not biologically connected to the child—it is also archaic and unconstitutional.