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Attorney: Laura B. Inns

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Laura B. Inns earned her Juris Doctorate degree cum laude from Creighton University School of Law, where she served on the Creighton Law Review and represented her school in the International Trademark Association’s Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition. Ms. Inns is admitted to practice law in Illinois and Nebraska. While in law school, Ms. Inns clerked at the Omaha Immigration Court advising judges in rendering their decisions before entering private practice.

Prior to her legal career, Ms. Inns gained substantial experience as a photojournalist for more than a decade. She witnessed the substantial impact of traumatic events affecting families and children such as domestic violence and sudden infant death syndrome. She established trust with everyone from homeless people to corporate executives.

Ms. Inns helps clients with her unique combination of tenacity and compassion that came from her days as a journalist.

Ms. Inns found her way to family law after representing private practice clients in estate disputes, real estate disputes, and general civil litigations. When it comes to families, especially children, Ms. Inns is hard-wired to protect. She prioritized her family law cases until they became the focus of her practice. As a family law attorney, she has represented parents and grandparents protecting the best interests of children and continues to do so at the highest level of excellence.
Case Victories:

  • Reduced a parent’s child support obligation by almost 50 percent and increased the parent’s visitation time for one child by more than 150 percent and obtained visitation for another child, who was estranged from the parent.
  • Obtained an annulment for a client duped into the marriage for love when the spouse was truly after the client’s inherited wealth.
  • Vacated a protection order after the deadline to appeal, and other legal recourses had passed, by proving the order was obtained with fabricated false documents and lies.
  • Efficiently secured a consent divorce decree for an American husband who married his internet girlfriend when he visited her in her native country of China.