Advocacy 2003

2003 – SPECIAL RECOGNITION – Westside Health Partnership presented Mr. Leving with a Certificate of Appreciation for his contributions to the Expungement Conference.

2003 – INVITED LECTURER & GUEST LEGAL EXPERT – 2ND BIENNIAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE, CORPORATE FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN AND FACTS – Mr. Leving examined and analyzed the contribution of responsible fatherhood to the process of building a strong community. Mr. Leving hosted a workshop entitled, “Fathers’ Rights and Concerns.” The goal of this conference was to help instill hope and support for the future of families.

2003 – INVITED LECTURER – NATIONAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONVENTION – Jeffery Leving lectured at The Annual Convention of the National Lawyers Association held at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law.

2003 – GUEST LEGAL EXPERT – HARDBALL WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS – Mr. Leving and former criminal prosecutor, Wendy Murphy, debated the issue “Should the Identity of the Complainant be Disclosed in a Sexual Assault Case?” (based upon the Kobe Bryant case).

2003 – GUEST LEGAL EXPERT – ABRAMS REPORT (MSNBC) – Mr. Leving and Gloria Allred debated the issue “Should the sexual history of the complainant be disclosed in a sexual assault case?” (based upon the Kobe Bryant case).

2003 – GUEST EXPERT – FOCUS WITH HOST BRADFORD LONG – (St. Louis, MO area) – Jeffery Leving was a guest on the radio show, “Focus,” with Host Bradford Long. The topic of the show revolved around fathers’ rights issues in the community and current legislation.

2003 – GUEST EXPERT – CHICAGO AL DIA – Mr. Leving and Andrey Filipowicz were in-studio with host Elisa Alfonso on this radio program (broadcast in Spanish and English) as part of special Father’s Day programming focused on men’s and fathers’ issues.

2003 – KEYNOTE SPEAKER – RAINBOW/PUSH COALITION – SOUTH SUBURBAN CHAPTER SPECIAL MEETING – Jeffery Leving was the invited Keynote Speaker. Hard-hitting and fair advice was provided for fathers involved in custody disputes.

2003 – GUEST SPEAKER – 3RD ANNUAL FATHERHOOD SUMMIT – Jeffery Leving lectured at the Fatherhood Summit 2003. This was the 3rd Annual Fatherhood Summit sponsored by the Fatherhood Educational Institute in conjunction with Congressman Danny K. Davis. It was held at Malcolm X College, 1900 West Jackson Boulevard in Chicago, IL.

2003 – KEYNOTE SPEAKER – CELEBRATION OF FATHERHOOD Program – Mr. Leving was the invited Keynote Speaker. He presented at the “Celebration of Fatherhood” Program held at Mt. Pisgah, M.B.C. Educational Building, 4622 S. King Drive, in Chicago, IL. Mr. Leving discussed fatherhood issues.

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – COMMUNITY RADIO (Frankfort, IN) – Jeffery Leving was a guest on “Community Radio” with Host Wes McNear. They discussed current Fathers’ Rights issues and Mr. Leving’s book, “Fathers’ Rights.”

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – TAKE FIVE With Host Pete Frecchio – Jeffery Leving discussed current fathers’ issues as well as his book, “Fathers’ Rights,” on this radio show.

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – DIVA TALK (a CNN affiliate) Jeffery Leving was a guest expert on the radio show, “Diva Talk,” with host Marcella Heiss. The topic of the show revolved around Leving’s book, “Fathers’ Rights”, as well as other issues relating to dads.

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – HIS SIDE WITH GLEN SACKS – Jeffery Leving was a guest expert on the radio show and discussed issues facing military men with regard to custody, paternity fraud and child support.

2003 – INVITED LECTURER – CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF JOLIET CONFERENCE: 2ND ANNUAL MALE INVOLVEMENT CONFERENCE – Mr. Leving lectured regarding fatherhood issues and the importance of positive involvement by fathers in the lives of their children. He was presented an award in recognition of his valuable contributions to the conference.

2003 – INVITED LECTURER – FATHERHOOD EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT & RESOURCE FAIR – Mr. Leving discussed current Fathers’ Rights issues at Malcolm X College in Chicago, IL.

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – THE MORNING ZONE – Mr. Leving spoke with hosts Dave & Amy regarding current fatherhood issues.

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – LIGHT ON THE LAW – Mr. Leving was a guest on the show with host Paul Matalonis, WDBX 91.1 FM – Carbondale, IL. Mr. Leving analyzed legal issues pertaining to Fathers’ Rights.

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – SWEET JACKSON MORNING SHOW – Mr. Leving was the featured guest with host Sweet Jackson, KMGZ 95.3 FM – Lawton, OK. The topic of discussion was Adoption: The lack of Fathers’ Rights.

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – COMMUNITY AFFAIRS SHOW – Mr. Leving was interviewed by Carlos Rojas, WLEY 107.9 FM Chicago, with regard to various fathers’ rights issues.

2003 – LEGAL EXPERT – THE TOM LEYKIS SHOW – Westwood One’s Nationally-Syndicated Radio Broadcast — Hollywood, CA — Mr. Leving was a child custody law and paternity fraud expert for this program.

2003 – Drafted House Bill #2267 (Illinois House of Representatives) creating the offense of paternity fraud.

2003 – BBC PROGRAM GUEST – EVERYWOMAN – Mr. Leving was exclusively interviewed on this program as a legal expert to analyze an alleged British paternity fraud case.

2003 – SPECIAL RECOGNITION – EMPLOYER SUPPORT OF THE GUARD AND RESERVE – Father’s civil rights attorney, Jeffery M. Leving, was honored for his patriotism at the President’s Day event at the Union League Club. Major General John Scully (ret.) and Major General David Harris, Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard, presented an award on behalf of the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, recognizing Jeffery for his contributions to national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in the National Guard and Reserve Force. General Wesley Clark (ret.), former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, was the keynote speaker.

2003 – INVITED LECTURER – 4th Annual Southwestern Fatherhood Conference – Jeffery Leving was a featured lecturer. He presented a workshop entitled “Re-engaging Fathers and Their Children”.

2003 – HOST – CHICAGO COUNTERPOINT (CAN-TV Ch. 21) – Mr. Leving hosted a weekly program which focused on controversial legal and social issues affecting fathers and their children since 2001.