Advocacy 2004

2004 – LEGAL EXPERT – WLS-TV (Channel 7-Chicago, IL) – Mr. Leving analyzed a controversial Florida court decision that granted custody of a three-year-old boy to his Illinois birth mother because the Florida adopting parents failed to obtain the father’s consent.

2004 – LEGAL EXPERT – WGCI-FM – CRAZY HOWARD MCGEE MORNING SHOW – Mr. Leving spoke out against visitation interference during the holidays and answered questions from fathers.

2004 – LEGAL EXPERT – WIFR-TV (CBS – Rockford, IL) – Mr. Leving analyzed child support issues in Illinois and outlined his vision for the Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood. Mr. Leving was appointed by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to chair the Council.

2004 – GUEST EXPERT – CNN – THE DOLANS UNSCRIPTED – Mr. Leving analyzed divorce and fathers’ rights issues.

2004 – LEGAL EXPERT – HIS SIDE WITH GLENN SACKS – Mr. Leving debated paternity fraud issues with noted feminist and law professor Melanie Jacobs.

2004 – GUEST – NAACP FREEDOM FUND EVENT – Mr. Leving discussed and promoted Fathers’ Rights issues with many of Chicago’s top lawmakers and community leaders, including newly-elected U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

2004 – LEGAL EXPERT – BBC NEWS – England – Mr. Leving defended his high-profile client and artist, Twista, as a responsible father.

2004 – LEGAL EXPERT – WGCI-FM – SAM SYLK AFTERNOON DRIVE – Mr. Leving appeared and defended his high-profile client and artist, Twista, as a responsible father in response to an article written by a Chicago Sun-Times columnist.

2004 – Mr. Leving appointed Chair of the newly created Council on Responsible Fatherhood for the State of Illinois by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

2004 – GUEST EXPERT – FOX NEWS LIVE WITH ALAN COLMES – Mr. Leving debated Gloria Allred regarding the California Supreme Court ruling on child custody and removal.

2004 – GUEST LEGAL EXPERT – CNN TOPIC: FLORIDA SAFE HAVEN ADOPTION LAW – Mr. Leving analyzed the Florida Safe Haven Adoption Law.

2004 – GUEST EXPERT – NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO WITH TAVIS SMILEY – Mr. Leving was on NPR with Tavis Smiley to discuss military service and civil law.