Advocacy 2005

Critical discussion on the DGA & the 38 gubernatorial races in 2005-2006 with: Gov. Rod Blagojevich of IL, Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas.

Mr. Leving analyzed the trend in increased paternity testing and discussed its impact on Fathers’ Rights.

2005 – GUEST EXPERT – NPR “ON POINT” NATIONALLY SYNDICATED NEWS SHOW. Leving discussed the impact of President Bush’s nomination of U.S. Supreme Court Judge Alito and advocated for men’s reproductive rights.

2005 – GUEST EXPERT – WMCA AM – KEVIN MCCOLLOUGH SHOW (New York) – Mr. Leving analyzed Fathers’ Rights issues and causes of declining marriage rates. He also answered questions about child support and child custody from callers throughout the East Coast.

2005 – LEGAL EXPERT – WGCI FM – CRAZY HOWARD MCGEE MORNING SHOW – Mr. Leving spoke out against paternity fraud and answered legal questions from fathers.

2005 – INVITED SPEAKER – FATHERHOOD FOR LIFE ANNUAL FUNDRAISER DINNER – Mr. Leving spoke regarding the importance of protecting Fathers’ Rights and the impact on father absence on children.

2005 – GUEST EXPERT – MANCOW MORNING MADHOUSE – Mr. Leving offered to represent a father seeking custody of his children pro bono and advised callers about fathers’ rights.

2005 – INVITED LECTURER – NATIONAL FAMILIES & FATHERS CONFERENCE – Mr. Leving lectured on Fathers’ Rights and gender bias in the court system and participated in a panel discussion on family law reform.

2005 – GUEST EXPERT – V103 FM – HERB KENT SHOW – Mr. Leving gave a special tribute to dads on Fathers’ Day.

2005 – GUEST EXPERT – SIRIUS SATELITTE RADIO – AMERICA AT NIGHT – Mr. Leving analyzed ways to help fathers stay involved in the lives of their children.

2005 – GUEST EXPERT – NPR (National) – NEWS & NOTES – Mr. Leving analyzed issues facing today’s single fathers and discussed the impact and causes of father absence in America.

2005 – INVITED PANELIST/LECTURER – 2005 FATHERHOOD CONFERENCE & RESOURCE FAIR – Mr. Leving participated in a panel discussion on fatherhood issues with Congressman Danny K. Davis and top representatives from state agencies, such as Dr. Carol Adams, head of the Illinois Department of Human Services. He also led a think-tank with these representatives focused on evaluating state policies and programs to make them more father-friendly.

2005 – LEGAL EXPERT – WGCI-FM – CRAZY HOWARD MCGEE MORNING SHOW – Mr. Leving joined Cong. Danny K. Davis and Sen. Kimberely Lightford on a panel discussion on fatherhood issues, during a special one-hour segment.

2005 – GUEST EXPERT – WSRB-FM – MARY MITCHELL SHOW – Mr. Leving analyzed a new initiative to enforce child state collection in Illinois and advocated for fathers’ rights.

2005 – LEGAL EXPERT – HIS SIDE WITH GLENN SACKS – Mr. Leving detailed how the legal system has often failed to protect the rights of military fathers serving overseas.

2005 – LEGAL EXPERT – WYLL-AM – SCOTT THOMAS SHOW – Mr. Leving advocated for reform of the legal system to eliminate gender bias and protect fathers’ rights.

2005 – INVITED LECTURER & GUEST LEGAL EXPERT – 6TH ANNUAL SOUTHWESTERN FATHERHOOD & FAMILIES CONFERENCE – Mr. Leving analyzed emerging fatherhood issues. His presentation focused on understanding how the legal, psychological and social systems impact fathers.

2005 – LEGAL EXPERT – MSNBC – THE ABRAMS REPORT – Mr. Leving defended fathers’ rights in adoption and supported a controversial court decision that did not finalize an adoption because the biological father’s consent had not been obtained by the adopting parents.

2005 – GUEST EXPERT – MSNBC – SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY – Mr. Leving debated the merits of a new reality TV show that helped reunite adopted adults with their biological fathers and defended the essential role of fathers in their children’s lives.